Should You Sell Audio Books?

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When it comes to online sales, it can often seem like there’s really nothing new under the sun. While it’s true that there’s no shortage of online merchants to be found across various industries, there’s also still plenty of room for growth. This especially holds true when you break into historically underserved markets. If you want to earn money while meeting a growing need, you might find it worth your while to sell audio books.

Who Can Sell Audio Books?

In a word, almost anyone. Self-published authors are the most obvious candidates for expansion into the audio books industry, as they have a ready supply of material waiting to be recorded. Because so many of today’s independent authors are choosing not to offer audio book versions of their work, there’s a large section of the indie ebook audience currently being neglected. This creates a potentially lucrative situation for authors, but they’re not the only ones able to get in on the action.

Voice actors or aspiring entrepreneurs have a few options of their own, even if they’ve never written any content. First is to legally secure the distribution and creation rights through an agreement with an author who doesn’t want to handle their own ebook sales. Second is to record and distribute works which have fallen into the public domain. This largely consists of classics and older material, which you can record and assemble in order to sell audio books legally with no writing required.

What Do I Need to Sell Audio Books?

You need a trusted method of processing payment, a secure file hosting solution, and access to automated download delivery, at minimum. You should have a sales portal which is easily found and shared by your customers, which can be anything from a free blog site to a social media profile page. You don’t need an expensive website capable of handling all your business tasks; you just need a dedicated and reliable ecommerce platform Services like take all the maintenance work out of running your own business, allowing you to build your business and sell audio books without the stress of maintaining a complex website.

Don’t let a promising business opportunity pass you by; expand your ebook business to include selling audio books. If you’re not an author, consider the value of licensed and public domain works as new audio books. With the right marketing and the right support network, you can start earning money and building a viable business quicker than you ever realized.

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