Should You Sell Audio Books as Part of Your Online Business?

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With the advent of MP3 players and smartphones, more and more book lovers are turning to audio books to make commute times, exercise or household chores a bit more entertaining. As the popularity of audio books continues to grow, many online merchants are neglecting a potentially vital source of revenue, simply because they do not list audio books among their product offerings.

Why Sell Audio Books?

Though few things compare to the satisfaction of curling up with a good book, it’s not always easy for today’s busy consumer to carve out time which can be dedicated solely to reading. While a book requires both hands and undivided attention, an audio book allows your customers to enjoy a book while attending to other tasks. High-quality recordings can be created with inexpensive or even free audio editing software, and sellers with a clear voice may even be able to read their books themselves to eliminate costs associated with voice actors.

For self-published authors, choosing to sell audio books is a great way of expanding product catalogs while increasing a potential customer base, perhaps even allowing for multiple sales from a single customer. It’s also possible for enterprising merchants to make money by selling audio books they haven’t written, either through legally acquiring distribution rights or choosing to market special editions of works in the public domain.

How to Sell Audio Books Online

Whether you’ve recorded your own work or chosen to legally distribute work to which you hold the appropriate rights, it’s important to offer a product of high quality. This means breaking the content into chapter sections so listeners can quickly find their place if a book can’t be finished in a single setting, minimizing background noise and reading in a clear, articulate tone.

After you’ve created the files you plan to sell, the next step is to build your own online marketplace. While this can be done from the ground up through the building of a website and integration of online shopping cart programs, the easiest, most efficient and most financially sound decision for the majority of sellers will be to work with an ecommerce platform, like, which offers payment processing, content hosting and automated order fulfillment. This removes the responsibility of transaction facilitation and manual file delivery, increasing customer satisfaction without demanding an excessive level of merchant attention.

By automating your business, you’re able to free up more time and create a stronger overall business by focusing on new product roll-outs. Audio books can make a great addition to almost any product line, bolstering sales and helping your brand to grow substantially.


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