Share Your Knowledge and Make Money Selling Instructional Videos

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You’re an expert in your field, but aren’t sure how to monetize your hard-earned knowledge. Writing ebooks can be a long and cumbersome process for those who don’t have a gift for the written word. Fortunately, there is a popular and profitable way of sharing your tips and tricks without penning a book: selling instructional videos. If you’re not camera shy, filming and releasing detailed videos can help you to make money while teaching your customers about specialized areas with ease.

Selling Instructional Videos: Getting Started

In order to make a profit by selling instructional videos, you’ll first need to draft a strong content creation plan. Most of the time, it’s both more lucrative and more effective to break your videos up into a series. This allows you to not only teach in step-by-step increments, but also to expand your product library. More prolific content creators sell more videos, and make more money. So, before you begin filming, break down your lesson plans into the requisite number of videos.

To ensure seamless teaching, it’s best to script the entire series of videos before you begin filming. Just as classroom teachers begin each unit of study with a pre-planned curriculum, so should you approach your new instructional video series. Planning in advance also allows you to create a filming schedule, gather necessary tools and materials, and write scripts for each video to prevent gaps in information.

Plan your curriculum and filming schedule, write your scripts and plan shoot details so filming days go as smoothly as possible. To get started selling instructional videos, you first need a product you can sell, and high-quality content is much more valuable. Take your time planning.

Selling the Finished Product

You’ve chosen your subject matter, plotted your course carefully and have a series of finished instructional videos to show for your effort. Now, it’s time to start selling the finished product. The first step is choosing a reliable, reputable content delivery service. Comprehensive ecommerce solutions like offer your customers immediate access to the videos they’ve purchased, along with secure payment processing through trusted services like PayPal and Google Wallet. Additionally, these inclusive programs also integrate important seller tools and can be used as a hub for all your sales efforts. Your personal website, blog and social networking profiles can all become valuable avenues to generate sales with a simple HTML code and link system. With affiliate networking capabilities built in, you can also outsource some of your promotional efforts in order to start focusing on your next series of videos. In a surprisingly short time, you can be earning a profit at the helm of a growing online business.


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