Setting Up Your Digital Download Cart

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The details of shopping cart software

In e-commerce, you should have a shopping cart that is easy to work with and a company you can trust. The digital download cart provides a way for customers to accumulate digital downloads to purchase. The platform you use offers an itemized list, including taxes and shipping on the items, to help the checkout process. Because this is digital media, you forgo the shipping charges.

Setting Up Your Storefront

You need a storefront before you purchase a digital download cart. The storefront is where customers find the products you sell. They can choose a digital download on the storefront and continue searching while the shopping cart keeps a record of what customers choose. The storefront is part of your e-commerce site that can be changed to fit your needs. The digital download cart is typically software that cannot be modified, so it’s important to choose one that works best for you from the start.

Administration of Your Digital Download Store

Administration is part of the owner’s duties. The features of your website, digital download cart and services change based on the merchant management system you purchase or use. In terms of administration, you can add or subtract a digital download from the database. You can edit the products, categories, payment settings and discounts offered to customers. Many shopping cart software programs allow you to use discounts such as coupon codes.

Varieties of Shopping Carts

Licensed software digital download cart choices mean the software needs to be downloaded and installed on your Web server. There is a onetime fee for this type of shopping cart. It is advantageous for those who sell digital download products such as music, art or eBooks. You have the license to host the shopping cart on a Web server of your choice and the ability to customize the application.

A hosted service means you do not download the shopping cart. It will always be on the hosted service provider. In this scenario, you have a monthly or annual payment. Typically, you pay a percentage of sales on top of the monthly fee. This hosted model has few customization options and includes a set of predefined templates, which makes it simple to use.

Payments Accepted by Digital Download Cart

A shopping cart allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards, bank account transfers and electronic transfers like PayPal. Some of the carts allow you to change the payment methods you will accept. The more payment methods available via the software, the more options you have in accepting payments. When you sell any digital download, make sure the customer can make the payment without problems. The process needs to be easy, and there should be a variety of payment methods accepted. Once payment is made, shopping carts like PayLoadz direct customers to a link where they can begin the digital download.

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