Selling with PayPal Using Various Platforms

Accepting Credit Cards PayPal

PayPal accounts allow you to sell via eBay and other sites.

The PayPal payment method allows you to sell something online. When you are selling with PayPal, you accept this type of instant payment on your website, eBay or other platforms where you sell your goods. This simple process sets up your account whether you sell on eBay or another site. Just sign up for an account. Once the item you have for sale is sold, the buyer sends payment via PayPal. The third and final step is for the money to be transferred to your account. This indicates it’s now time for the item you sold to be released into the hands of the buyer.

Fees for Using PayPal

PayPal isn’t a free service for the seller. A business account is charged a flat transaction fee of 2.9 percent plus 30 cents. Businesses that do a high to moderate amount of business can get a 2.2 percent discount. There is also a 2.7 percent flat rate fee for businesses that choose to accept payments with the PayPal card reader. International fees differ based on currency rates. It’s often best to operate in U.S. currency. The buyer would need to send funds in USD. This saves businesses from international fees based on different currency rates.

Security is Imperative for Online Accounts

Buyers want a secure payment system. This is one reason selling with PayPal makes sense. Buyers know their account is secure when they provide the payment information through PayPal. They don’t need to give a business bank account or credit card details, just a PayPal account name. Security protects from unauthorized payment, such as a payment from a hacked account. If the buyer puts in a claim that he didn’t buy the item, receive the item or if he disputes the charge, the seller has protection. Proof of delivery is needed to show that you shipped the item you should be paid for.

Multiple Functions for Purchases

Sellers can receive payments from PayPal in various ways. A transfer is the most common; however, PayPal also accepts credit card and debit card payments if you have an account. The buyer just needs to start buying from your site. A buyer does not need to have an account as long as he has an email address or mobile phone number.

Selling with PayPal makes the most sense because most people have a PayPal account. For buyers, PayPal acts as a digital wallet that allows them to buy any product or service they require. Digital media purchases like music, videos and eBooks can be purchased within a minute with a PayPal account.

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