Selling with PayPal: Software, eBooks and Beyond

How To Sell Digital Products

If you’ve purchased anything online in the last several years, chances are, you’ve used PayPal. Software designers, eBook authors and scores of other content creators rely on this trusted and reputable service for all their payment processing needs. Using the system as a paying customers gives you a basic idea of how PayPal works, but not the full picture. As a merchant, there are other things you need to know in order to successfully integrate PayPal into your business model. Before you start your online business, find out how to maximize your earning potential and build brand loyalty by using PayPal in tandem with other high-end service providers.

Selling with PayPal: Software Not Required

Unlike many transaction and payment management services, using PayPal as a merchant does not require any special or expensive software. You’re able to get up and running in just a few minutes. Even better, there’s no up-front costs to start using PayPal. Software programs designed to track your earnings and sales trends can be a bonus, but they’re often expensive and may not provide any additional services you can’t secure yourself at much lower prices.

As a merchant, you want to collect money safely and protect your customers’ sensitive financial information. You also want the ability to monitor sales trends, manage promotions and take a hands-on approach to business management. This is where a high-quality eCommerce platform service provider steps in to complete your sales system. Services like are not only designed to automate content delivery and provide secure file hosting; they also seamlessly integrate PayPal. Software programs designed to help you with tracking, management and accounting can be clunky and difficult to learn, and provide very little information you can’t already track through PayPal’s system.

Reaching Profitability by Keeping Investment Costs Low

They say you “have to spend money to make money,” but this doesn’t necessarily have to be true. There are minimal costs associated with using PayPal. Software, eBooks and other digital products will generate far more with each sale than is spent to process the payment, so expenditures won’t outstrip earning. The low cost of eCommerce platform services also grants you access to top-notch business management you can actually afford. When you don’t invest thousands of dollars into custom websites and expensive sales tracking software, you’re able to reach profitability sooner and more easily. Don’t let your business become bogged down by overhead before you make your first sale. Partner with high-quality, low-cost service providers who can help you earn more while building a lucrative career.

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