Selling with PayPal: Download Sales for Beginners

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You know that payment processing is a vital part of any online business venture. After all, how can you turn a profit if you’re not able to collect money from each sale? How can you keep your customers’ sensitive financial information safe, as identity theft and related financial crimes are on the rise? The answer is a trusted payment service, like PayPal. Download merchants around the world rely upon PayPal to get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently. Find out how you can take advantage of these powerful tools, and how to put a service like PayPal to work for you.

Pay with PayPal, Download Automatically

If you’ve made a digital purchase online, there’s a strong chance you’ve used PayPal to complete the transaction. As a newcomer to digital sales, though, you may not understand exactly how the merchants’ side of the system operates.

It may seem that when you pay with PayPal, download access is built in to the system. The truth is, automated content delivery is a separate system. PayPal does one thing, and does it well: payment processing. They do not offer file hosting, automated content delivery, marketing assistance or store placement. For all these services, you need an eCommerce platform like

Integrating PayPal, Download Services and Merchant Tools

Successful online businesses are efficient and streamlined operations. As a merchant, you need to be able to automate processes and walk away, giving yourself time to focus on new product development, promotion and additional marketing. A dedicated eCommerce platform seamlessly integrates PayPal, while also offering automated download delivery, affiliate marketing network access and a host of other vital tools. This allows you more time to build your business, because you’re not forced to monitor sales alerts around the clock, manually process payments or worry about order fulfillment. Your business runs itself, while you do the important work of helping it grow.

Get started with PayPal, download delivery and a streamlined business model today. You can start earning money quickly, building a marketable brand with relative ease.

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