Selling with PayPal—an Ideal First Step for Your Online Business

Online Selling Software

Many people take up online selling to supplement their regular incomes. Some go completely online, giving up their corporate moorings. Online selling is free from the many constraints of store selling, which explains its popularity. By selling a digital book, authors can have the same profit they receive from the sale of a paper book edition, minus a lot of trouble. Anybody can sell online.

If you will sell your digital products online, install an electronic payment system on your site. Electronic payment systems require a payment platform. Selecting your payment platform (payment processor) is a primary consideration for any online seller to make. The payment processor collects the money from the buyer’s account and transfers it to the seller. The processor receives an agreed rate of commission on each transaction for this. You have many options available for reducing commission.

PayPal is an excellent payment platform for online selling. It processes the payments the customer makes. It also has exclusive advanced features but still comes at the same price as the rest of the competition.

PayLoadz for Your Digital Products

Online selling with PayPal is easier through PayLoadz. You can host your files on PayLoadz. After receiving payments from buyers, PayLoadz lets them immediately download the purchased digital goods. The PayLoadz site is secure for your digital files and payments. You can sell eBooks, software, font faces, podcasts, songs/music/ringtones you created, photos, video, movies, digital comic books, digital art, articles, manuals, certificates, forms and any other digital work. You need to be clear about the copyright, however. By selling with PayPal on PayLoadz, you don’t need to check constantly to determine whether there have been any sales, and you don’t need to send files to people manually. You can sell anywhere online. The PayLoadz cart HTML code is compatible with all site servers.

Choose PayPal

The seller’s choice award from eCommerceBytes 2011 chose PayPal as the buyers’ most favored processor on the Internet.

The PayPal website payments service handles reports, payment processing, account support and billing information. It also handles orders received through fax/phone/email. U.S. buyers don’t need to use credit or debit cards; they can pay through their bank accounts. PayPal provides free account registration. Best of all, PayPal integrates seamlessly with PayLoadz.

Visitors, to buy your goods, don’t need to have an account with PayPal. A credit card is sufficient. It is the easiest payment processor to set up. PayPal allows you to receive payments from more than 190 countries in 24 currencies. It accepts all major credit cards and debit cards. It supports the maximum number of shopping carts—300—as well. Customer support is available through phone, virtual assistants and dedicated account managers, making selling with PayPal a pleasurable experience.

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