Selling with Google Checkout; Now Google Wallet

Selling With Google Checkout

Opening up payment systems with Google

Google is becoming the “go to” place for marketing, selling and buying goods and services, and is no longer just a search engine. It’s also a mobile phone platform. Many consumers use something Google offers because it is the most well known company on the Net. Microsoft and Yahoo! are struggling behind Google. Google’s latest option is Google Checkout, which was renamed Google Wallet in 2012.

Google Wallet, a payment system that can be used via desktop, laptop or mobile phone, tracks payment information, transaction history and billing information. It’s available in the Cloud, so you have only one wallet to use no matter what device you’re on. You can use Google Wallet for in-store and online purchases if you are a buyer. Google Checkout allows sellers to receive payments for items purchased, whether they are eBooks or music files. It gives sellers a way of selling with Google and all the tools Google has to offer.

Selling with Google Checkout

Google Wallet is a free application. It is available in Google Play for the mobile phone. It can also be downloaded to a computer system. All buyers need to do is tap, pay and save using any credit card, reward or gift card. It also uses any Google offers a buyer might have. Selling with Google Checkout gives you access to the payment system your buyers might use. You will accept the Google Wallet payment when you decide on selling with Google Checkout through services like

For sellers, Google Checkout requires a merchant account called a seller account. Sellers market items from their store or in other areas online and get payment through the seller account. When selling with Google Checkout, you can charge credit cards, cancel orders, refund orders, review payout information, update account settings and specify shipping and tracking numbers. This merchant center acts like a shopping cart that accepts payments using Google Wallet.

The concept is to have all your cards and payment accounts in Google Wallet. You can choose what method to pay with, but Google Wallet uses Google Payments, so the card you used as a buyer is secured from being imputed on an online site. This gives sellers another method of being paid. Charging orders automatically, partial payments and recurring charges can be set up with Google Checkout to make receiving payments easier. Base this on what your customers would like to have from your online site.

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