Selling Videos as Pay Downloads for Profit

Selling Videos Online

This is indisputably the age of the viral video. If you’d rather earn cash than fifteen minutes of fame, free streaming sites aren’t your only option. By selling videos as pay downloads, you can turn a profit while establishing yourself within the industry.

Selling Videos: What Kinds of Videos Can I Sell?

The genre you work within when you start selling videos is up to you. From short comedies and scripted dramas to instructional videos and documentaries, there is a market for almost any type of video you can create. The trick is learning how to monetize your efforts, and how to reach new audiences who are willing to purchase your pay downloads.

How-To: Selling Videos as Pay Downloads

When so many performers and filmmakers are giving their content away for free on streaming sites, the idea of turning a profit from pay downloads seem to good to be true. The fact is, giving away some of your content is a promotional tool, and can be a very valuable marketing strategy. Whether you’re the creator of a sketch comedy series or a do-it-yourself collection of how-to videos, you’ll need to capture the interest of your target audience in order to start selling videos as pay downloads.

The most effective way of gaining this visibility is to make some content available on free streaming sites, and ensure that each of those free promotional videos contains plenty of information leading viewers to your sales page. Think of your free content as advertising, but be sure those videos are compelling and interesting. Free content should leave your viewers feeling that they’ve learned something of interest or have watched something they enjoy.

Building a Web Store for Pay Downloads

When your customers decide to make a purchase, the experience needs to be pleasant and easy. They should also obtain access to the content they’ve purchased immediately after completing a transaction.

For online merchants who are embarking upon a business venture which includes selling videos, one of the easiest and most efficient ways of offering pay downloads is to work with a reputable e-commerce solution which consolidates payment processing, instant content delivery and a host of seller tools, like

Strong content delivery services process payment through trusted vendors like PayPal and Google Wallet while offering instant, automated access to download links for customers. Your buyers will be able to purchase with confidence when they have access to payment processing services they recognize, and won’t have to wait for manual delivery, which can be delayed when sellers miss a sales alert.

With a strong business plan, a dedication to marketing and enjoyable content, you’ll be selling videos as pay downloads for profit and increased brand visibility.


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