Selling Videos as Instructional Products

Sell Video Online

For every new product or trend, there’s a learning curve which can prove to be discouraging to new users. Enterprising content creators can turn this learning curve into earning potential by making and selling videos as instructional products, helping customers become more confident and knowledgeable while also boosting your brand’s visibility among new clients. Selling videos which help to explain and demystify other digital products can also help to promote related items in your store, increasing your chances of selling downloads from your online store across the proverbial board.

How Selling Videos Can Increase Your Revenue

There are many ways in which a well-placed, high-quality instructional video can help your business to thrive. For software designers and content creators who sell skill-dependent items like sewing, knitting or crafting patterns, these videos can help your customers become more adept in using the products you’re selling, or increase their interest in those products and drive sales. Selling videos as companions to how-to manuals can help to support a self-published author in selling ebooks. Video content creators aren’t limited to instructional films which help to sell their own products, however. Popular new tools, crafting techniques or hobby items may also require a bit of practice and insider knowledge to master. If you’re proficient in any area which relates to your business model or products and may also be challenging for your customers to master, you can start selling videos as a means of increasing your brand’s sales success.

Selling Downloads: The Basics

To start selling videos online, you’ll need to select the right merchant tools to increase your chances of success. This includes fully integrating trusted payment platforms, offering secure and instant download delivery for your customers and establishing a method of marketing beyond the scope of your own personal reach. You can use separate tools to accomplish all of these goals, but it’s often more efficient and more effective to opt for a complete ecommerce solution, like, which streamlines the sales process by consolidating these vital tools. With simple HTML links, you can also turn your email signature, social networking profiles and other web pages into a portal for your sales page.

An ecommerce platform which includes access to an affiliate network can be a very effective tool for audience-building and driving sales. When combined with your own marketing and promotional efforts, an affiliate network connected to your chosen ecommerce solution can substantially increase your chances of selling videos, selling ebooks which support your film products, and selling downloads as a whole.



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