Selling Songs Individually to Pay for Your Full-Length Release

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As a musician, you know just how expensive it can be to get in the studio and start working on your full-length album. Even with an all-digital release, which frees you from the financial burden of pressing and shipping physical products, you’re still faced with studio time and related expenses. What you may not realize, though, is that there’s an effective way of not only financing your album project, but also building a buzz to help the album sell after release: selling songs individually, right now.

How Selling Songs Puts Your Music to Work for You

Do you have a catalog of material you know won’t be on your new album? Why not monetize that old material by selling it to your fans? Recording a single track can be accomplished through the use of readily available tools you can learn to use yourself, making every song an overhead-free earner. As long as you focus on creating an end result of high quality with the tools you have at your disposal, you can turn out a marketable product which helps you earn money while building your fan base. Selling songs to your fans allows you to get your music into their ears, and also helps you gain new fans by making your work accessible to listeners from around the world. As you earn money from the proceeds of each sale, you’ll be working towards healthy sales figures for your full-length album upon release.

How to Start Selling Music

The decision to sell music is an easy one to make; learning how to navigate the world of online sales may not always seem so easy. The truth is, you don’t need a high-end website with all the bells and whistles to get your band out there and start earning money. You can sell songs from your free blog, social media pages and even your email signature lines when you choose the right tools and services for the job.

Ecommerce platform service providers like are the most efficient, and the most effective, method of getting your music out to the world. The low barrier to entry means you don’t have to spend a fortune to invest in infrastructure; in fact, you can get your store set up and start selling music in as little as a few hours. Every penny you save on sales tools, web design and infrastructure for sales is a penny you can put towards your album project, so you’re not undermining your own goals. Even better, a great ecommerce platform service lets you set up your store and forget about it, so you can focus on creating new material and getting it recorded. High-quality providers streamline not only file hosting and automated download delivery to your customers, but also payment processing through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet.

Start selling music online today to fund your next big project. With a bit of marketing savvy, you may be surprised by how quickly your bottom line grows.


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