Selling Songs Individually to Increase Artists’ Sales Flexibility

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For independent musical acts, releasing and selling songs individually may be a more viable and lucrative alternative to the traditional model of releasing full albums. Just as the landscape of the music industry has changed dramatically in the last decade, so too has the method by which artists without the support of traditional labels choose to release their music.

How Selling Songs Individually Can Help

Established musicians with recording contracts and a long-term fan base can often generate more interest in their new projects and more buzz among fans by releasing one full-length album and sparking a sense of anticipation. For newer acts who are still working to become established, however, creating buzz requires a different tactic. The imperative need to generate new listeners while holding their interest is often paired also with a lack of start-up funding. Even in small, independent studios, recording time can be expensive; recording a full-length release will require more time and as such can quickly become prohibitively expensive.

As each new track drops, accompanied by an alert, existing listeners will often have their interest rekindled. With the ease of spreading news through social media, this interest and discussion can easily increase the organic reach of a musical act. Proceeds from the sale of each track can be used to cover studio time for the next track, or even to eventually record a full-length album.

How to Sell Songs, One Track at a Time

The process of marketing and promoting a band whose model includes periodic releases of a single track is a bit different from the traditional model, but it can be effective. Still, in order to be optimally effective, a musical act must first establish a reliable and well-regarded presence in the world of online sales. This means not only accepting payment through trusted payment processing services, but also offering instant delivery of all purchased files to take full advantage of first-day release numbers.

Today’s music listener, especially those of a younger generation who are accustomed to purchasing most or even all of their music online, expects to obtain access to their files immediately upon submitting payment. Working with a system like, which combines automated content delivery with the payment processing systems recognized and trusted by the average online consumer, allows musicians to capitalize on the interest generated in their project as each new track is released by getting purchased files into the possession of listeners without delay.

Make each new track release a notable event by driving interest, providing strong customer service, and boosting the reach of your project as much as possible. You may find this model is far more lucrative than a full album release, especially in relation to musical performers with limited funding for a lengthy initial recording session.


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