Selling Songs Individually for Greater Visibility

Selling Beats Online as a Low-Cost Startup

It’s not a secret that breaking into the music business can be a difficult, time-consuming and ultimately stressful proposition. As major labels change their business models to adapt to the online market, it can be harder than ever for new musicians to start selling songs on a large scale with the support of a record deal. These days, selling music requires not only raw talent and determination, but also some marketing expertise and a tech-savvy entrepreneur. Many of the tried-and-true systems of days gone by are being challenged in this new world, one of which is the absolute need for a full-length album. More and more independent musicians are earning a profit and boosting their project’s visibility among core audience groups by selling songs individually.

How Selling Songs as a Standalone Product Can Increase Visibility

Your first priority, as an independent musician, is to build your audience and generate interest in your project. Depending on your target audience, this can mean marketing in a variety of ways. One thing that’s universally true for musicians, regardless of genre and audience demographic, is the need to get music out there and available for purchase. You can’t hold the interest of music fans based upon a few streaming video clips of live performances, even if you’ve got the best marketing plan possible. In order to keep your listeners interested and turn them into true fans, you need to start selling music to them as soon as possible.

The traditional business model for the recording industry typically prescribed the release of a strong single, with a full album of material following soon thereafter. On the strength of the first single alone, many artists were able to keep selling music through full-length offerings. Sometimes those albums would be rushed in production, leaving an album with a few strong tracks to be released as singles and a significant number of filler tracks.

For independent artists, it’s important to always keep your audience’s interest while also consistently offering added value. When you’re selling songs to your listeners, you want them to feel as if each and every one of those songs has been a sound investment. Instead of falling into the traditional-model trap of rushing to put out a full-length album, more and more marketing-savvy musicians are releasing their tracks one at a time, selling songs as individual, standalone products. This allows them to not only release new music regularly to maintain listener interest, but also to focus on each song as a product to be polished and perfected before release. No more filler tracks, and no more fan disappointment.

Start Selling Songs Online Today!

If you already have one or more tracks which you feel are ready for release, it’s time to start learning more about selling songs as a standalone product. For most musicians and online merchants, this means working with a comprehensive, automated service like, which makes selling songs easy and efficient. These ecommerce solutions offer payment processing, content delivery and access to a strong affiliate network, all of which can significantly increase your chances of true success, selling songs one at a time and continuing to thrill your fans.


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