Selling Software Online

Selling Software Online

It’s easy to get started selling software online. Once you have the product you want to sell, it’s only a matter of getting it out to the world through your own site or other launching sites. If you are selling software, you need to deliver it and be paid, all while protecting your intellectual property, the payment and your customers.

Setting Up Your Site

Most people want a home site where they can directly sell their product. This doesn’t mean you can’t sell it on other sites as well. The more places you can put your software, the more opportunities you’ll have to sell it.

Create a website. This is easy to do for anyone who knows how to create software. There are many templates for basic sites, or you can create your own from scratch.

Use blogs and social media. Blog and social media sites can be your home site, or even better, can be linked with your home website to give you more exposure and traffic for your software.

Use third-party vendors. You can also sell your software on third-party sites that have download products for sale, such as You can use these sites exclusively without needing your own site.

Delivery System

The easiest way to get started selling software online is to find a download service provider to do all the difficult work for you. These providers take the buying process out of your hands and leave you to think only about marketing and creating more software to sell. Unless you want to handle all the security and payment issues yourself, this is the way to go. Make sure your service provides essential features:

– Safe, secure and fast delivery of your software to your customers

– Reliable payment processing that deposits directly into your account

– Accessible service from any of your launch sites

– Online storage for your software

– Ability to accept currencies worldwide

You will be selling software online in no time once you are set up. Since you will have a delivery system handling the buying end, use your time to work on SEO marketing for your sites to drive traffic and interest to your product. Getting your software out there is the easy part: just make sure it is noticed!

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