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How would you like it if you saw a new book release and wanted to buy it immediately? Move in, eBook readers. Order and delivery by post is passé; in the 21st century, readers want their books immediately and in a portable digital format. A fast moving lifestyle has enthroned the portable digital format for information products such as books, articles, music, movies and art.

Product information sellers need to adapt quickly to change to survive. If you have a digital product, you can use the PayLoadz digital delivery shopping cart. It lets you deliver your digital goods instantaneously to your buyers. Software, manuals, certificates, forms … you can sell anything digital with it. Just remember to consider copyright law.

You don’t need to put up a lot of capital to start selling online. Doing so is cheaper than conventional retail selling. You don’t need office or storage space. The need for labor is also minimal: Most sellers manage sales themselves. is one of the most reliable digital sales interfaces out there. It has an established reputation of more than a decade. With PayLoadz, you can sell your digital products on any site because the code for its shopping cartis compatible with all hosting servers. You can also sell on your own site, on, and on auction sites such as eBay and uBid.

The PayLoadz digital delivery shopping cart is available free for a trial period of seven days, during which you can use all its features. The subscription plans are flexible and suit both small-scale and large-scale selling.

Choose your digital delivery shopping cart carefully. Ease of installation for the seller, ease of operation for the buyer, speed, integration with the site server, range of payment processors supported and cost are critical factors that can make or break sales. For instance, your shopping cart needs to support the largest number of payment processors possible. Your customers will be using different payment processors. If the cart does not support a particular processor, the sale might be lost. With the PayLoadz digital delivery shopping cart, you can forget those worries. It supports most major payment processors—PayPal, Google Checkout, 2Checkout, Amazon Payments, and TrialPay.

Security of transactions is a major concern because of Internet fraud. The PayLoadz shopping cart uses the latest technology to ensure that payment transactions are safe and secure.

You can sell files of any size and type and sell as many of them as you want on PayLoadz. Free downloads, multiple downloads, product history, sales history, discounts and loyalty codes are part of your service. You can also sell a product as a multiple file combination.



Scalability of the selling platform allows you to start small and gradually expand your online sales operations. The PayLoadz selling system is fully scalable and can help you at every stage of your online business.

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