Selling on Google Checkout to Reach Clients Better

Google Checkout enables better reach

Google Checkout for the buyer is called Google Wallet. Your entire wallet can be virtual. You can use a debit card, credit card or checking account to make a payment. This is part of the Google Wallet process, which provides anonymity to charges so that your data is safe when you use it as a buyer. There is also a Google Checkout for sellers. This program accepts Google Wallet purchases and other forms of payment.

Selling on Google Checkout enables you to accept this payment option as well as keep up with your other instant payment options. You might want to accept PayPal too. As long as you have Google Checkout, you can have both. When you have this checkout option, you can reach numerous clients. Customers can carry Google Wallet in their pocket via phone as a virtual payment option. This Wallet concept might overtake carrying a physical wallet that contains cards and cash. Google Wallet requires only a tap to pay while in a store or simply selecting send when buying online.

How to Use Google Checkout

Learn how to use Google Checkout. Selling on Google Checkout is no different from selling with PayPal. You simply have a website that can be tied to Google for the tools and resources you obtain with your Google-hosted site. The checkout option is presented when the buyer is ready to proceed with his shopping. You upload the images and files you want to sell on the site. The files can be hosted in the Cloud, and the system will be instantaneous. Selling on Google Checkout gives people a link to download once the payment is sent. The link can also be sent to an email address if something goes wrong with the original download. You retain control for the website, and you use an exceptional payment system.

Processing Activities of Your Merchant Account

There are a few activities selling on Google Checkout offers. You can charge credit cards, cancel orders, specify carriers and tracking numbers, refund orders, review payments and update account settings. The merchant center for Google Checkout provides you with an order number, financial status, order amount, creation date, item name, description, email and shipping address. It helps you manage the account easily all in one area instead of hopping around between two different sites. Selling on Google Checkout through services like involves fees like any merchant account. The fees depend on what you elect regarding the resources and tools that come with the account.

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