Selling on eBay and Your Website

eBay Shopping Cart

Shopping cart needs for e-commerce business

eBay offers a shopping cart on its site that helps buyers keep track of their bids. It also helps sellers keep track of pending sales and ensures that payments are complete. It’s nice to know that there’s an eBay shopping cart for those who sell exclusively on eBay. Yet, if you have your own website and want a secondary place to start selling online, it’s best to have a service that can offer you everything you need most, especially if you sell digital downloads.

Using an Independent Shopping Cart

Any site—like eBay, Amazon and PayLoadz—where you can sell goods, has its own shopping cart. Often, the setup has you selling through the company, using its marketplace. This can be nice, but you might want to separate yourself from the pack. You might want be an independent business that has its own line of digital media. If so, select a digital goods service that includes a shopping cart, which can be integrated with any other online portal.

The PayLoadz Service for Shopping Cart Needs

PayLoadz is a digital goods service company that acts as a catchall for your digital goods business. You can store all your files on the secured server. You have automated delivery of digital goods—the goods are given to customers the minute payment transactions are complete. PayLoadz also offers you full integration with sites like Amazon and eBay with its storefront. You can have your own website as well as sell in other places, all using one platform from which to send your digital files.

The Shopping Cart Explained

A shopping cart can be loaded onto your site and used with Amazon or eBay. This helps your customers add items to their carts—items they should eventually buy. Customers can use coupons and discount codes you accept when they reach the shopping cart. They can also determine which payment they want to use since the digital goods service provides you a payment system to accept any types of transactions including payment from Google Checkout, PayPal and other systems. You can modify the cart to fit your website needs.

Digital File Sending Needs

Instead of storing your files in three or four places, all of which would need to be checked to make certain quality control is there, it’s best to have one place to store everything. With bulk import to PayLoadz and the right shopping cart, you can sell items anywhere. A customer can bid or “buy now” on eBay, go to the payment section and submit payment. Then, a link for automated delivery will be supplied, and the file stored at PayLoadz will download to the customer’s computer.

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