Selling Music Online: MP3s and More

MP3 file downloading

Musicians around the world are bypassing the traditional method of major label distribution by selling music online. While most people know there is a thriving market on the Internet for music sales, what many don’t realize is that selling music goes far beyond helping buyers to fill their MP3 players.

Making Money from Sheet Music Sales

Composers don’t have to record their compositions in order to make money from their efforts. Selling music online can also mean selling sheet music so that others are able to make your compositions come to life.

Purchasing original sheet music and new arrangements of classical compositions is a popular method used by music teachers around the world. By selling your sheet music on the Internet, you’re not only sharing your efforts with the world, but also helping new players better learn their instruments. If you’ve had trouble selling your compositions through traditional channels, the online marketplace may be just the solution for which you’ve been searching.

Selling Music Online: The Stock Audio Option

It seems like everywhere you look online, you’ll find stock photography. Stock photographs also make their way into print publications and advertising, making it a popular option for photographers trying to make money online. What many musicians don’t realize, however, is that there’s also a large market for stock audio.

From short loops to longer pieces, stock audio music can sell for more than most people expect. Whether you play a physical instrument or are adept at programming synthesized loops, you may find there’s quite a demand for your efforts online. From music for commercials to avoiding copyright infringements in online videos for sale, there are many reasons to purchase limited rights to stock audio music on the Internet.

Traditional Music Sales Online

While there are more options available to musicians than simply selling MP3s for personal use, it’s still the most popular reason for selling music online. For artists without the support of a record label, it’s also the most effective method of making a profit from their efforts. Making your music available for purchase online offers a host of benefits, not least of which is eliminating the need for overhead expense required to produce physical media. Instead of simply trying to recoup the cost of recording your album, you can release it directly online and start making a profit almost immediately.

Whether you’re selling sheet music or a full album, it’s wise to consider the benefits of a content delivery service like to streamline the payment processing, content distribution and affiliate marketing aspects of your business. With the burden of handling the more mundane tasks related to online sales lifted from your shoulders, you’ll be free to focus on creating more new music.


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