Selling Music in the Digital Age

Selling Beats Online as a Low-Cost Startup

As a musician, you know the days of selling physical copies of your album are quickly becoming little more than a distant memory. With the exception of specialty products like vinyl, physical media simply isn’t’ the vehicle of choice for music lovers of the digital age. The vast majority of sales today take place online, with merchants selling music as digital files for instant download. Though navigating the online landscape can be a challenge initially, there are actually a wide range of benefits associated with selling music online which were not available to independent acts in the pre-Internet days. The trick is learning how to capitalize on those benefits in an efficient, effective manner.

Why You Should Sell Music Online

Even for younger musicians who came of age in the era of digital downloads and MP3 players, there’s something about the idea of seeing a physical copy of your album on the the shelves of a retail outlet that’s attractive. Unfortunately, this isn’t a feat you’re likely to accomplish without the help of a major record label. This is one way the Internet can help you, though; with access to listeners around the world, you’re also able to reach talent scouts more easily than you ever would have before high-speed access became the norm.

When you make your album or singles available to online audiences, selling music to listeners from Tulsa to Tokyo becomes a very real possibility. No longer are you limited to only those fans who you can reach by playing live shows; with a good marketing plan, your reach potential is almost unlimited. All you need is the right support in your corner.

How Ecommerce Platforms Help You Sell Music Online

In order to successfully sell music online, you need to be able to access or offer a few key services. The most vital of these are secure payment processing through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet, safe file hosting to protect your products, automated download delivery so your listeners gain instant access to the songs they’ve purchased, and some marketing assistance.

These services are all available separately as stand-alone offerings, so you could theoretically pick and choose to customize your sales system. This will leave you responsible for managing several separate services, though, and paying fees to all of them. The best and most effective option for almost any independent musician just getting started selling music is to work with a comprehensive service provider. High-quality offerings like combine payment processing, download delivery automation, secure hosting and access to valuable selling tools like affiliate networks, all at one low price.

Don’t spend a fortune to build an expensive website you don’t need; look into a single ecommerce platform capable of turning your band’s blog, social media profiles and even email signature lines into sales portals with a few minutes of set-up time. You can start selling music and building an online audience quicker and more easily than you might expect.


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