Selling Music in an Increasingly Digital World

Music Digital Downloads

Digital files as a format for selling music no longer make up a small share of the market. In the last decade, digital music sales have soared in popularity, while physical format sales continue to dwindle. For mainstream artists signed to major labels, this can present something of a challenge as the industry struggles to monetize digital files in a manner similar to physical sales from a historical standpoint. Independent artists, however, are able to reach more fans and sell music on a larger scale than ever before, thanks to the Internet and digital delivery systems.

Selling Music Online: A Beginner’s Primer

Because independent, unsigned acts are able to reach a global audience for unprecedented impact in today’s world, it’s imperative for bands and solo acts alike to establish a web presence. Selling music online can open a number of doors for independent musicians, but it’s crucial for new acts to establish their brand identity through marketing while actively working to provide great customer service. Unsigned acts in the modern world must be more than great musicians; selling music online also requires musicians to be promoters, marketers and merchants.

Successfully selling music requires you to offer your customers secure payment processing and instant access to the files they’ve purchased. To reach new audiences and cater to your existing customer base, you must have access to content hosting, marketing tools and order fulfillment systems. Meeting your needs as a merchant and those of your customers can require several separate tool sets and services, which can be complicated and time consuming to maintain on a daily basis. Consolidating all of these services and tools is possible through a comprehensive ecommerce platform like, and can streamline operations to make the entire sales system more manageable.

How a Great Ecommerce Platform Helps You Sell Music

With a high-quality ecommerce platform, you’re able to automate every aspect of the purchasing process. This means your clients’ payments are processed safely and securely through trusted providers like PayPal and Google Wallet, while your hosted content is instantly delivered upon completion of a transaction. Your customers don’t have to wait for you to process a payment manually, take risks with the security of their sensitive financial information, or wait for the files they’ve purchased to be delivered.

As a merchant, you have the convenience of automated sales, which means you’re free to focus more of your time on creating new material, and less on the day-to-day tedium of online store management. You have the potential to be selling music while you’re working on a new project, because your immediate attention is not required. You’re also able to reach a greater audience when you take advantage of affiliate network access and other valuable seller tools.

Rather than investing valuable capital into expensive web store products which require your constant attention, consider the inherent value of a low-investment, turnkey ecommerce solution. You can start selling music today, and enjoying greater success than ever before.

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