Selling Music for the Internet Age Musician

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Just a few decades ago, musicians were forced to court record labels in the hopes of securing a recording contract in order to reach the big time. These days, it’s absolutely possible for independent acts to thrive and even become stars without major label support. In some ways, it’s easier than ever for musicians to get their shot at stardom, but in some ways, it’s more complicated than it’s ever been. Learning to navigate the relatively new world of online sales and promotion doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task, though. With the right attitude, some research, along with key tools and services, you can start building an audience and selling music.

How to Sell Music Online

As little as ten years ago, online music sales were secondary to many independent artists, who instead opted to shoulder the financial burden of creating compact discs to sell themselves. These days, physical media sales are rapidly declining, and selling music online has become the norm.

There are a host of benefits to online-exclusive sales, not least of which is minimizing overhead expense. Rather than paying for both studio time and physical media creation, musicians are able to start selling music as digital files immediately, recouping studio time expenses sooner and becoming profitable earlier. Still, successfully launching an album or even selling songs individually will require you to complete a few vital tasks.

  • payment processing management
  • sourcing secure file hosting
  • automating content delivery
  • building a marketing plan

Individually, these needs can be met through separate, specialized services. This will require dedicated management of several accounts and can be time consuming, though. For busy musicians actively working to support their new project, the best and most efficient option, not to mention the most economical, is working with a single ecommerce platform. Services like streamline operations, offering payment processing, file hosting and automated content delivery through a single service. This allows you to limit the amount of time you spend on daily operations, giving you more time to focus on promoting your project and writing new material.

Marketing – the Key to Selling Music Successfully

Even the most innovative and exciting band will struggle in figuring out how to sell music successfully if they’re not dedicated to marketing and promotion. After all, you can’t sell music to people who aren’t aware of your project. While much of your marketing will need to be personally sourced and organic, it’s also useful to opt for an ecommerce platform which includes access to affiliate marketing networks. This allows you to increase the scope of your reach, getting the word out to people who may otherwise never hear about your project.

With a strong marketing plan, great songs and a reliable ecommerce platform, you can start selling music quicker and more easily than you may think. Get your band on the fast track to success; start selling songs online!


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