Selling Multiple File Goods with the Best Shopping Cart Software

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Shopping cart software with digital goods service

Some digital products might require multiple files. If you have such a product, it’s important that you have shopping cart software that can handle multi-file delivery. When deciding on the best shopping cart software, have a delivery system you can trust. It’s possible to have a shopping cart with one company and a digital downloads delivery system with another. Splitting up your business with two companies, however, is generally not the best option. It’s better to have a company that can offer you everything you need, like PayLoadz. This way, you can set up your storage files, shopping cart software and delivery method all in one place. This creates a streamlined company.

Multiple Files Explained

A movie might have multiple files. Maybe you have the movie file, but there could be extras and a game. When you have multiple files as part of one purchase you don’t want to list the entire file system. It can be confusing for customers to see multiple files listed in the best shopping cart. They might think you’re charging them more, especially if you break down the cost for each file with the total they expect, plus taxes. Instead of confusing potential customers, use the best shopping cart software, and make certain the multiple file product is sent without all the fuss. You might want to explain in the description that there are multiple files in case one file comes over incorrectly.

Method for Selling Multiple File Products

Before you set up your shopping cart software, download the files to the digital goods service. They can be downloaded as an FTP option with a premium account. Once the files are uploaded, create a product by going to the selling tab and creating a new product option. Here, you simply list all the files that need to go with that product. PayLoadz makes certain all files are then downloaded as soon as the shopping cart process is complete. In the shopping cart software, make certain the product goes into the cart.

Second Method for Multiple Files

Another method is to create a zip file with WinZip. The file is then zipped as a product, so it shows that one file is being downloaded as soon as the shopping cart software recognizes the sale the customer completed. The customer then downloads the zip file, unzips it and starts downloading each individual file to its computer storage. In this case, the best shopping cart has recognized that you are selling a complete product, and the digital delivery service knows that it needs to send more than one file or the zip file for that product when purchased. Your clients receive the items they wanted, and you have payment for them.

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