Selling MP3 Files for Fun and Profit

Selling mp3

The good old days of stuffing CDs in jackets and mailing them off to consumers are pretty much gone. Technology has made selling MP3 audio files online easy and convenient. This holds true for artists and consumers. No more waiting for the postman. People like purchasing music online and having it available immediately. Artists like getting their music to the public as swiftly and easily as possible. They also like getting paid quickly.

Just as more writers are discovering the bonuses of self-publishing their works, more and more audio artists are using the Internet for selling MP3 files online directly to consumers. Selling MP3 files that you’ve created has its pros and cons.

The Upside

Getting your audio files into the market fast can be exciting. But there’s marketing to do. You need to let people know about you. Creating a great marketing plan for selling MP3 files is critical to your success.

A plus regarding selling MP3 files is that many people download them. If you have a highly marketable release, you could do quite well, depending on your marketing strategy.

Artists who perform live can sell their own audio files that, along with physical CD sales, could boost their fan bases. Selling more audio files could also lead to more people attending performances. Also, consumers who listen to one or two choice pieces might be more likely to see artists onstage and buy more of their music.

Several options are available to help you get started. You can integrate the ability to purchase files directly from your website. If that does not appeal to you, you can have a “Buy” button on your website that will link to a service that does the selling for you. Whether you like to be hands on with sales or let someone else do it for you, service providers can meet those needs.

The Downside

Certain legalities need to be addressed when selling MP3 files that take time and legwork. In some instances, you may need to pay licensing fees. Getting educated on the legal aspects of selling MP3 files can save you time and money.

Online pirates are a reality that you may face. Keeping the public from stealing your music can be difficult, but if you research your options thoroughly and find a reputable service provider to help you, most problems can be minimized.

Many companies online, like, are happy to help you get started selling MP3 files. Look for companies that offer good value and features. That makes the experience easy and secure for you and your customers.

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