Selling MP3 Downloads

Sell MP3s On Your Website

Musicians can distribute their songs to a global audience without a recording contract or the support of a major label. Bands and solo musicians who once worked tirelessly to get the attention of artists and repertoire representatives and talent scouts now actively court new fans directly. Selling MP3 downloads is one of the best ways to get your music into the hands of listeners everywhere, without waiting for physical copies to be picked up by big-box retailers or independent music outlets.

Why Should My Band Sell MP3 Downloads of Our Music?

While there are plenty of steadfast holdouts who love the physical format of compact disc, the liner notes and the artwork that come with them, most younger audiences especially, have become accustomed to instantly downloading their favorite songs instead of scouring record stores for new finds. The cost of pressing a professional-quality release can be prohibitive for small bands with limited investment capital; however, making MP3 downloads of new music available online can be an inexpensive and effective method of distribution.

Successfully Selling MP3 Albums and Singles

When your new single or full-length album is recorded and mixed, the fastest way to release it to the public is to put it up for sale online. For new bands with limited experience in marketing their music on the Internet, this can be challenging.

  • Start a website: When your promotional and marketing methods are successful, new fans will begin visiting your website, so building it and keeping it up-to-date are essential. Make sure that your URL is one that fans can easily remember and share with their friends. This encourages repeat visits and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Maintain a blog: Blog entries can chronicle your experiences on the road, let readers in on your songwriting process and provide stories from the studio with fans who want to know all about your music. When your listeners read your blog and connect with its contents, they feel as if they’re forming a relationship with you; this can be a tool for driving album sales.
  • Use social networking: One of the most powerful marketing tools at a band or solo musician’s disposal is social media. Collect fans and followers, and keep them updated about new events with a single update.
  • Set up a reliable content delivery system: Listeners who routinely download music are accustomed to receiving that music almost instantly. To generate sales and combat piracy, ensure that your MP3 files are immediately accessible upon receipt of payment. Services like take the hassle of content delivery out of the equation so that you can focus on promotion and creating new music.

Bands no longer wait for their dream record deal to come through. Ensuring success and garnering new fans depend on your ability to navigate the opportunities provided by the web and selling MP3 copies of your work.


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