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Digital Downloads

It’s not difficult to start selling downloads online. Even someone who is not tech savvy can be successful selling downloads. All it takes is a product, a computer, Internet and a digital delivery service. Newcomers should brush up on the basics.

Creating Downloads

If you want to sell downloads online, create something to sell. Deciding what your niche will be might take some brainstorming. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel since many people are already selling downloads. You can check out what is currently being sold and decide what you think would be your area of expertise. Here are some ideas of what is being sold as downloads:

  • Videos—This can be entertainment, teaching, training or anything of interest that someone may want to buy. The options are endless.
  • Books—Creating books that people can download is a writer’s dream. There’s no publisher, just you and your computer.
  • Photographs—Many businesses and graphic designers regularly buy photo downloads for marketing and web designs.
  • Audio—Creating musical, instructional, educational or funny MP3 files for download is an idea for the aspiring recording artist.

Setting Up Digital Delivery

The quickest and easiest way to get started right away in selling downloads online is to get a digital delivery service. These services take care of all the technical issues for you. Many services such as will store, deliver and take payment for your downloads online. Many have their own stores on their websites to sell your products. This is useful to people who don’t have their own site. These types of services charge a small fee and make it easy for anyone to sell downloads online.

Getting started with your own business selling downloads online is easy, even for novices. Create interest in your products by starting your own website, blog or social media site that plugs your wares. The more places you can put your products, the more visibility you will get. Most digital delivery services allow you to sell from several sites and still do all the delivery and payment for you. How easy is that? You can then focus on creating more products to sell, and leave the customer transaction part up to the digital delivery service.


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