Selling Downloads Online: Accepting Payment

How To Sell Software Online

You have a great product, or maybe even a collection of high-quality offerings, and you’re ready to start selling downloads online. There are several tools and systems you’ll need to have in place before your Internet marketplace goes live, but the ability to accept payment is arguably the most vital. After all, you can’t build a profitable business and sell downloads if you’re not able to collect money. While there are a variety of payment processing available, it’s important to understand that not all of these methods are created equal.

Payment Processing Tools You Need to Sell Downloads

In the earliest days of selling downloads online, merchants were forced to either wait for paper checks, or to process credit card payments themselves. The former method was time consuming and ultimately inefficient, but the latter could prove to be downright dangerous for customers. As concerns about identity theft and financially motivated crime became more common, online payment processing giants like PayPal and Google Wallet began to spring up. While these tools can and do make a substantial difference in terms of efficiency and trustworthiness for online merchants, there’s more too them than meets the eye.

Integrating Merchant Systems to Sell Downloads Successfully

A merchant who’s able to successfully sell downloads online offers instant order fulfillment, painless processing of payments and secure transaction support, just to name a few of the most important aspects of online sales. It is possible to build a comprehensive and effective system by working with a content hosting service, download automation service and a handful of payment processing services, but this requires seamless integration. The best option by far for most merchants, both newcomers to the world of selling downloads and established veterans, is to work with a streamlined ecommerce solution like

Working with a single, comprehensive service allows you to not only collect the money you are owed in exchange for your product, but also to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting buyers’ expectations for instant product access and to increase your client base with valuable merchant tools like affiliate network access and secure content hosting.

Instead of spending your time manually sharing download links and processing credit cards, consider the benefits of a single service which frees up your time and allows you to focus more on new product launches, and spend less time worrying about how to collect the money you’ve earned.

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