Selling Downloads for Crafters

Top 10 Digital Craft Products

Are you a crafting enthusiasts who wishes you had the skill set to break into the world of online sales? If so, you may just have the know-how you need to start your own business selling downloads online.

How Can Crafters Sell Digital Downloads?

Most crafters specialize in an area which has a digital equivalent, they may just not realize it. Knitters can sell digital downloads of their original patterns. Digital scrapbookers who create their own elements and papers can turn quite a profit selling those items. What kind of crafting do you do? Have you ever purchased materials or patterns online? Those are the products you should be creating, because your own purchasing history indicates there’s a market for those items.

What You Need to Sell Downloads

Starting your own business doesn’t have to be an intimidating prospect, nor does it have to be an expensive one. When it comes to online sales, overhead costs and start up expenses can be almost non-existent.

Too often, new and inexperienced merchants fall into the trap of believing they need an expensive website capable of managing every aspect of their business before they can start selling downloads. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, investing heavily in expensive websites can be detrimental to your venture in the long run. All you truly need is a sales portal, which can be anything from a social networking profile to a free blog site. From there, a great ecommerce platform service streamlines all of your most pressing needs.

A service like consolidates all of your daily operations. By integrating payment processing through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet while offering secure file hosting and automated download delivery, an ecommerce platform eliminates the need for any outside sales tools. High quality systems will often even include access to valuable marketing systems, like affiliate networks.

Keeping Overhead Low: the Key to Selling Downloads Successfully

Retail operations cost money. From payroll expenses to the cost of restocking down to simply utility expenses, it’s just not possible to open a brick and mortar retail location without some overhead. Online sales is quite different, though. When you choose a high-powered but relatively inexpensive ecommerce platform, you’re not facing such overhead. In fact, your operating costs as a crafter selling digital downloads can be quite low, and reaching early profitability is a snap.

A single product can be sold an infinite number of times. There’s no need to replenish stock, pay for expensive commercial retail space or even hire employees, because your platform service does all the work for you. You can be a crafter who gets paid for doing what they love. Start your online business today, and embark upon an exciting and rewarding adventure!

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