Selling Downloadable Products from Your Website

learn how to sell books online

Why sell downloadable products online?

Starting a company should mean income; however, depending on the type of business you begin, you might need a lot of capital. For instance, a land-based retail store requires capital for the storefront, the inventory, cash registers and employees. It’s difficult for most people to get the needed capital and turn it into a profitable business within the first year. Internet companies, such as selling downloadable products, are easier to begin because the investment is less. All you need is a website and a digital downloadable products website to store your digital files. It takes little time to set up the business once you find the right downloadable products and selling platform.

What Downloadable Products to Sell

Your research should begin with discovering what you can sell for downloadable products. Music, clip art, eBooks, movies, photos, document templates and software are available for you to sell online. Choose a product you feel comfortable with. It needs to be something you have experience in or know you can market. If you will sell your own products, such as eBooks, have expertise in the topic you write about. If you will sell someone else’s creations, have an interest in it. If you find what you sell fascinating, it’s easier to market it to consumers. This leads to your success in selling downloadable products.

Selling Products with the Right Platform

It’s not enough to like a product you sell to find success. You need to create the right mix of product, marketing and selling platform. When selling products online, you need to find a way to separate yourself from the competition. A good platform, like, can do this for you. You want features like bulk import, automated delivery, multiple payment systems and multiple currency options. In this way, you can meet your clients’ needs. If you have a place to store files securely, your clients can feel safe buying from you. If the files are immediately received once payment is complete, this means happy clients. Customers don’t want to wait until you’re online to process the sale.

About Shopping Carts

Shopping carts should be easy to navigate. The cart should have payment options to satisfy consumers. A cart that accepts only one payment method is not good enough. And spending a lot on merchant account fees will eat away your profits. When selling downloadable products, you need to accept credit cards, debit cards, e-checks, ACH transfers and PayPal. This way, your customers can use whatever payment method they like. As soon as the payment is done, the customer is sent to a new page that states completion and that provides the downloadable products link. The link is also forwarded to the email the customer supplied should something interrupt the initial process.

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