Selling Digital Products


In today’s technologically advanced world, web-savvy entrepreneurs are presented with the opportunity to generate significant income by selling digital products online. Whether you’re a digital artist, an eBook writer, a musician marketing your new album or a software designer, making the fruits of your labor available for purchase on the Internet exposes them to interested customers from all corners of the globe. With a quality product and a bit of general sales knowledge, you can be well on your way to earning money in a short time.

How Do I Sell My Products?

The first step to making money from the sale of digital files you’ve created is to ensure that they are high quality and fill a niche in your chosen market. You’re competing with other creators from around the world, so it’s essential to offer products that your portion of the online audience will be interested in purchasing. After you’ve created a selection of digital products, you’re ready to begin setting up your marketplace and promoting your work.

  • Build a website: Your website should be functional, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to draw in your customer base and pique their interest. Offer information about product releases, updates and news regarding upcoming products. The web address should be one that’s easily remembered so that return customers can find it with little hassle.
  • Maintain a blog: Integrating a blog into your website allows your clients to stay abreast of changes and upcoming releases and to feel as if they’re forming a relationship with you. Regularly updating your blog lets you stay connected with your customer base and helps to generate interest in your future projects.
  • Choose a file delivery method: One of the most appealing aspects of purchasing digital products is the ability to access those files instantly upon remitting payment. To ensure that there’s never a lag between making a purchase and obtaining digital goods, work with a content delivery service that will streamline the process and provide your customers with immediate access to their files. By using a service like, you can be sure that your clients’ orders are fulfilled immediately, even if you’re away from the computer.
  • Set up payment processing options:The point of selling products online is to generate income, so it’s important that you choose the right payment processing option for you and your customers. Industry heavyweight PayPal can be integrated with many content delivery service sites and has an interface that’s intuitive enough for beginners to confidently navigate the process.
  • Never pass up an opportunity to market your brand: You should be the biggest fan and supporter of your digital products. Use social networking sites and online message boards to promote your product and encourage people to visit your website. High-quality, well-priced projects will eventually begin to market themselves through word of mouth and customer reviews, but you should never let the chance to gain more publicity pass you by.

Follow these simple steps so you can be on the road to selling digital products successfully in a shorter time than you think.


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