Selling Digital Products Online: File Security

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Online piracy is a very serious problem for not only major recording labels, publishers and film producers, but also for independent sellers of digital goods. Every pirated copy of your digital products is one less potential sale, which is why its so important for online merchants to learn the best methods of protecting their digital products online. Before you lose another sale to online piracy, learn more about how you can keep your digital products safe from theft and illegal distribution.

Initial File Security vs. Removal of Pirated Material

For every successful take-down attempt, there are scores of links you’ll never find. Working to locate and address every pirated copy of your content can quickly become a full-time job in itself, distracting you from making more content and the primary goal of building your business. Rather than sacrificing your valuable time working to combat existing leaks, it’s always better to take a proactive approach from the beginning by focusing on initial file security.

How Reputable Content Delivery Systems Provide File Security

Selling your digital products online is a great way of making money and building your own small business. Starting your business venture gives many new entrepreneurs and unprecedented level of autonomy and independence, but also comes with a host of potential risks.

Choosing to build your own website, process your own payments and send out your own download links can be a daunting task, and can actually have a negative impact on your brand image if a sales alert is missed or in the event of a payment processing error. For the vast majority of those who sell digital products online, the best and most effective method of streamlining operations is to work with a content delivery service. These e-Commerce solutions handle these crucial elements for you, ensuring your customers have instant access to the files they’ve purchased.

Content delivery services like also include built-in file security tools to prevent piracy in the first place. Instead of spending your time seeking out pirated copies of your material and working to have them removed, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your digital products are protected by a series of complex safeguards. Not only does automated delivery protect your brand image by providing immediate access to your paying customers, but also protects your valuable files from unscrupulous users seeking to benefit from your labor without purchasing your digital files online.


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