Selling Digital Products

Sell Digital Files Online

When selling digital products, think of it just like any other business. Just putting products out there for people to buy is not enough. You need to create interest in your products through marketing and advertising. Many home businesses don’t have a big budget to spend on traditional advertising, but plenty of effective grass root marketing methods are available that are inexpensive or even free.

Marketing Digital Products

Online businesses have some advantages over traditional ones. Overhead is smaller, and the entire world’s population are potential customers. Finding ways to make your digital products stand out in such a large arena can be difficult. Understanding search engine optimization can help you increase the traffic to your websites and develop higher viewing of your products.

Search engines crawl sites to look at the information contained there. You want them to find a few things:

  • Keywords—Whatever type of digital products you sell, use words and phrases people likely enter when looking for the kind of products you’re selling. For example, if you sell eBooks, put several words throughout your Web pages such as “books,” “eBooks,” “digital books” and “download books.”
  • Fresh content—Search engines look for new content. Blog pages are great for this. Use a blog page to feature articles that might interest your customers. Although putting sales information on there is fine, also have informational content. Update it often to keep the content fresh.
  • Links—The more links you have to other sites, the better. Link your website to your social media pages and any other third-party sites. For example, if you use a digital delivery company like and have your digital products on its site, include the link to your product on its site on your website. Set up social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and include links to your website on each of these accounts.

Using SEO helps get your website noticed, but get information out about your products as well. Share pictures and links from your social media pages often about your digital products. Guest blog on other sites, and leave links to your products. Get as much information in as many places as you can about your business to create awareness. All these methods are free; they just take time and consistency to achieve the desired results when selling digital products.


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