Selling Digital Music

Selling Digital Music

International reach with a website

Selling your own music is not only possible; selling digital music has become one of the biggest markets online in recent years. Customers want immediate access to their favorite songs or to new music they want to hear. If your songs are playing on the radio, at events, or if you want to break into the recording industry, selling digital music online is one way to get started. Quite a few artists have been recognized for their work online before getting a recording contract.

Getting Started with Digital Music
It’s in your best interest to have at least one CD filled with songs; however, you can start selling with only four or five songs. All your songs should be recorded into different file versions. If you want to sell digital music, you need to make it available on iTunes, MP3 and other audio files. MP3 is an internationally recognized file format. Although many people use MP3, you still need to have files available in other formats to reach all clients.

Listening to a Snippet of Music
Have a sample of your digital music available. Even if you allow only one minute of the song to play, this is better than not having a sample at all. A person searching for a song could arrive at your site. She might not know whether your song is the one she wants. If your site is impressive enough, visitors will listen to the song. A listen can lead to a sale of your digital music.

Creating a Website
Services are out there to help you set up your website with a shopping cart and other tools, services like PayLoadz. These platform-style websites offer you the place to store your files. You can start selling digital music anywhere in the world with your one website. It’s often best to market your website per country, but when the budget is not enough for this, a good platform with some top marketing can help you.

Deciding How to Allow Downloads
There are multiple methods for downloading a file. Some ways are more secure than others. Additionally, some methods offer instant gratification. The best option is to have your files on a secure server where payment is processed in a few steps, and the download can begin right on that page. You also want to make certain a link for the download is sent to the email. Maybe a person’s computer shut down or he was interrupted before the download. If you send the file purchased or at least a link to the email, that person can download the digital music at leisure.

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