Selling Digital Goods with Amazon Alternative

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The starter guide to the Amazon alternative

Selling on Amazon, Google and eBay are certainly ways to sell digital goods. Yet, an independent company might work better for you. The Amazon alternative PayLoadz provides you with all the services you need to sell digital goods. There’s a small fee for the service; however, you can link directly with your site while the Amazon alternative hosts the digital goods files. Several benefits, such as increasing your sales, selling anywhere, and secure file storage with automated delivery, are parts of the Amazon alternative.

Increase Sales with the Amazon Alternative

Sellers who use PayLoadz can increase their sales 1,000 percent. But it takes effort from the seller to make this happen, not just the Amazon alternative. The Amazon alternative is an available platform, unlike Amazon. Amazon exists to sell for itself. It offers professional sellers an avenue to make more income. The Amazon alternative is there for you. It was designed for you, and it offers a marketing service to ensure better sales. The reliable and stable delivery system also makes it easy for you to increase your sales.

Sell Anywhere with Amazon Alternative

PayLoadz works anywhere you wish, and you can use it with Facebook, Twitter, our store or your website. The Amazon alternative provides a simple link for the purchase. Purchase buttons and shopping cart buttons can be inserted directly on your site, linking directly with your website to the server we host for your digital downloads. You could have multiple e-commerce sites to gain a larger audience when you leave Amazon behind for our system.

Secure File Storage Includes Automated Delivery

Companies like Amazon have a big name you recognize, but using a big-name system can be a disadvantage. Any of your competition can be on that site, and for others to find you, they must use the Amazon ending to your URL. You can become lost when you’re part of a large corporation. While Amazon can store your files and offer automated delivery, the PayLoadz system is different. It allows you to use several website storefronts and to keep your own name. This makes it easier for consumers to find you.

Secure file storage is a necessary part of the Amazon alternative. You want to know that your files cannot be downloaded until the purchase has been made. It’s also easy to store your files on a large server. Services provided by PayLoadz are secure, and you can make sure your business stands out. PayLoadz also provides automated delivery: You don’t need to be at home or online when a purchase is made.

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