Selling Digital Goods: The Right Support is Crucial

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As sales of digital products continues to grow in comparison to physical media, many of today’s entrepreneurs are looking for ways to establish their own business ventures focused on selling digital goods. From ebooks to software programs and everything in between, there’s a market for almost any type of digital product a content creator can imagine, but it’s not always easy to figure out the best methods of building an actual online store. Tips for marketing and promoting your products are easily found, but there’s not as much information available when it comes to creating a marketplace and handling the daily business of running an online store. This creates a natural barrier to entry for many talented creators, leaving those who theoretically have strong earning potential hesitant to take the next necessary step to start generating revenue from their products.

Debunking a Common Myth About Selling Digital Goods

As with any business venture, myths and misconception are incredibly common. One of the most popular, and least true, of these questionable rules is that you need a professionally-built website of your own before you can begin marketing and selling your digital products. While a well-designed website with a memorable URL can serve as a portal for returning customers and is easily shared for recommendations, it’s far from vital. With the right support systems in place, you can forgo the expense of building and maintaining a website, not to mention the time and effort you can save by choosing less expensive alternatives.

By establishing a relationship with a respected and reputable ecommerce platform like, you can build an online marketplace which is wholly independent of any personal websites.

How to Sell Digital Goods and Choose the Right Systems

Limited start-up capital can make many content creators feel as if they’ll never be able to break into the business of online sales. There are, however, many low-cost alternatives to traditional portals which may actually be more effective.

Free and low-cost blog hosting sites can serve as an ideal platform for sharing news, alerting your customers about sales and promotional giveaways and building your online presence. These blog sites can achieve all the same goals as a business website without the hassle of manual transaction processing and order fulfillment by integrating your chosen ecommerce platform. With a simple, cut-and-paste HTML link, you can turn your blog, your social networking profiles and your email signatures into a sales page. Instead of funneling all your traffic through one pricey channel, you can take advantage of several inexpensive systems which accomplish the same goals.

Choosing the best system and support tools doesn’t always mean choosing the most costly options. By researching the features of various alternatives and balancing them against your needs, you can create an efficient marketplace to sell digital goods, complete with automated content delivery and high-end transaction processing support through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet. Don’t let your goals go unrealized; build a strong support team at a low cost, and start selling digital goods for a profit today.


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