Selling Digital Files

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There is more to selling digital files than just putting them on a site like eBay and waiting to make money. You need to know how to effectively run your business and market your products. Although you may sell some digital files by just putting them up for sale, if you want to make real money, you need to run your operation just like any other business.


Look Like a Professional

People want to buy products from successful businesses. They’re typically skeptical of items that aren’t effectively marketed and don’t have any reviews or recommendations. People also want their purchases to go smoothly and easily, with the digital files being delivered in a quick, secure manner. The difference can be compared with buying something from a garage sale and getting your change counted back to you by a child and buying an item from a retail store and being treated as a valuable customer.

  • — Product marketing—You need great descriptions of your digital files, photos or videos. People want to know what they’re getting. If you’re not great at writing, hire a freelance writer to do your description and blogs entries. It’s worth the money to have your product come across professionally.
  • — E-commerce—Make sure you have a professional service like PayLoadz to handle customer transactions. Digital download delivery services are inexpensive and give your company a professional feel. They can store your digital files, take payments and quickly deliver the files in one process. Don’t skimp on this important step.
  • — Advertising—You need to build awareness for your digital files if you want to make money online. Create social media pages and blogs hyping your product. Guest blog on other sites, and eventually talk about your products there. If you have the capital, buy pay-per-click ads to get traffic to your products.


Selling digital files should be treated like any other business if you want to make it successful. You need to portray your products in a positive, professional manner, and use tools that give your business the ability to compete with the many other products out there. Selling digital files doesn’t have the high costs associated with brick-and-mortar businesses and can be done from a home computer!


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