Selling Digital Downloads with PayPal

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Selling digital downloads with PayPal as your payment processing service is easy to set up. Even people with little computer experience can start selling digital downloads in a few days. Once you have a product to sell, it can be uploaded and ready for sale in no time.


Choosing Your Products

You can sell many different digital downloads online. Even if you plan to sell only an eBook you created, you could also make the book into an audio book in MP3 form and sell that as well. Here are some types of digital products people are selling:

  • Software — Whether you write your own software or buy the rights from a software designer, software programs are popular as digital downloads.
  • Photos — Previously amateur photographers are now professionals selling their photos of everything from landscapes to puppies online.
  • Books — Short or long, fiction or nonfiction, books in both PDF and audio form are great sellers online.
  • Videos — Whether you have a talent for making independent films or have an instructional cooking video, you can sell either as digital download products.

The next step in selling digital downloads is setting up launch sites, payment process with PayPal and a digital delivery service. One easy way to get all these in one package is to use a reputable digital download delivery service. What these companies can do is combine all the customer transaction portions of selling digital downloads into one process. Sites like give you a launch site to sell your product right at their stores, give you a shopping cart, take the payment through PayPal and deliver digital downloads to customers. All you need to do is provide the product and account information.


Regarding home businesses, selling digital downloads is easy, inexpensive and quick to start. You can work right from your own home. You need just a computer and Internet service to get started. By selling digital downloads with PayPal, you can sell to people all over the world, 24-hours a day and have the money put into your account while you sleep.


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