Selling Digital Downloads: Choosing the Right Tools for Success


You’re ready to start an online business selling digital downloads, but aren’t sure where you should start. After building a sizable library of content and polishing it to perfection, your next priority should be to create a business plan which accurately reflects your goals while helping you meet them in a reasonable manner. For the vast majority of online merchants selling downloads, this means creating a system which is reliant upon the right tools to facilitate a strong sales history, customer loyalty and confidence.

Digital Downloads and Sales — What You Need to Truly Succeed

You already know you’ll need high quality content for which there is an existing demand in the online marketplace. What you may not know, however, is just how important the business tools you rely upon really are in terms of your sales success and revenue generation. There’s much more to a thriving online business than digital downloads. The best and most successful vendors will also have a targeted marketing plan, methods of ensuring instant delivery of digital downloads the moment they’re purchased and the ability to quickly, easily process payments from customers.

To write your own digital downloads success story, you’ll need to focus on finding the tools which will help you to build your business.

  • Affiliate Marketing Networks – An affiliate network helps you to generate interest and reach previously untapped sections of the market by connecting you to marketers who can help to promote your products. These affiliate marketers are paid a small percentage of only the sales they directly generate, which serves as strong motivation for promoting your products. They don’t make a profit unless you make a sale, so this can be a very valuable addition to any comprehensive marketing plan.
  • Content Delivery ServicesThis is the age of instant gratification. Customers who purchase digital goods do so in part because they’re not forced to wait for physical media to be shipped to their residence. This system of expectations and customer satisfaction only works for sellers who are committed to either monitoring their sales alerts closely around the clock, or those who work with a content delivery service. These services allow your customers to access their digital downloads in short order, without forcing you to manually send a single download link to a customer.
  • Payment Processing Capability – You can’t make money from your products if you can’t get paid, and it’s difficult to collect money after selling digital downloads if your payment processing system isn’t reliable. Further adding to the importance of a reputable payment processing system is the reliance of today’s customer upon built-in identity theft protection. Working with a trusted, reputable system like PayPal or Google Wallet not only makes it easy to collect payment on your end, but also adds to a customer’s purchasing confidence.

How to Start Selling Digital Downloads Quickly and Easily

There’s a certain level of excitement which accompanies the opening of your own business, whether it’s a brick and mortar store or an online marketplace. Because you’ll want to get the ball rolling as quickly and with as little hassle as possible, opting for an all-in-one e-commerce solution like may be your best bet. These e-commerce systems integrate payment processing through trusted sources, instant content delivery and access to a powerful affiliate network, all from one source. By consolidating and streamlining your merchant tools, you’re able to automate your sales process while increasing your chances of selling downloads at a profitable pace.


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