Selling Digital Downloads: A Primer for Beginners

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Choosing to build a business around selling digital downloads can be a lucrative and rewarding decision, but it’s vital that you start your business off on the right foot. Poor choices early in your venture can have far-reaching implications, leaving you struggling to catch up during a period when you should be focused on building. Before you start to sell downloads, take the time to learn what you need and how to best meet those needs efficiently.

Understanding Distribution of Digital Downloads

When it comes to selling digital downloads, one of the most common misconceptions often leads to one of the most devastating mistakes. The importance of distribution can’t be overstated, especially when it comes to digital downloads. Today’s customer expects instant access to their files immediately upon completing a transaction, which means you simply can’t afford to rely on manual sales alerts monitoring and emailed links. You need a system that includes automated content delivery, both for the good of your brand reputation and for effective time management. Monitoring sales alerts around the clock means that not only will you have no downtime for developing and marketing new projects, but you’ll also inevitably miss alerts. You’ll be left exhausted, with dissatisfied customers who leave poor reviews. Far better to choose a system from the very beginning that includes all of the most vital tools for an online merchant, from automated content delivery to secure file hosting and reliable payment processing.

Systems like are built around the concept of streamlining your sales operations and facilitating success. With a strong ecommerce platform, you’re able to set up your personal web store, list your products in a centralized marketplace and turn any site into a sales portal with quick, easy cut-and-paste HTML linking. This means you can use a free blog site, your social media profiles and even your email signature line to build traffic. No need for an expensive website, and no need to constantly monitor your tools to make sure they’re working properly. The stress of maintenance and management is taken from you, so you can focus on what you do best: creating and marketing new content.

Effective Marketing for Digital Downloads

It’s no secret that the market for digital downloads is growing at a rapid pace, but there’s still plenty of room for new products and marketers. You just need to know how to market your products effectively as an online merchant, which means identifying your target audience and promoting directly to them. You might not have much luck with a marketing plan directed at other musicians if you’re trying to sell your album, for instance, but that’s exactly the audience you’d want if you plan on selling digital downloads of beats and instrumental tracks.

With the backing of a strong ecommerce support system and a targeted marketing plan, you can earn money by selling downloads online. Get started today, and start earning money right away!


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