Selling Crafts in the Digital Age

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You’re a talented crafter with a flair for the creative, but could you be missing out on a lucrative opportunity? If you’re not selling crafts and patterns online, you may not be meeting your peak potential. By taking advantage of the many tools and services designed to help you bring crafting into the digital age, you can start earning money while doing what you love.

Selling Crafts for a New Generation

Whether you’re a top-notch knitter who designs your own patterns, a talented scrapbook enthusiast or anything in between, there’s money to be made by selling crafts and digital craft supplies. You just have to find a way of moving your own particular area of expertise into the digital realm. Offer your patterns as PDF files, sell instructional eBooks detailing your methods, or make a series of instructional videos. You can even create pre-made scrapbook layouts of your own design, then sell them to customers looking for a creative way to preserve their own special moments. With some imagination and the right support system in place, earning money is easier than you might think.

What You Need to Start Selling Crafts and Supplies Online Today

It goes without saying that you need a strong product to start an online business, but what else do you need to set off down the path to success? To answer this question, it’s important to consider both your own needs and the expectations of your future customers. For instance, you’ll need to set up payment processing systems which allow you to collect money while protecting your buyers’ sensitive personal information. This is where recognized and trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet come in handy.

When it comes to download delivery, automation is the key. After all, you don’t have time to monitor sales alerts around the clock in order to manually share download links. At the same time, today’s online buyer expects instant access to digital files after completing a transaction. You’ll need secure file hosting to keep your products safe, and you’ll need marketing help selling crafts to your target audience.

A comprehensive eCommerce platform like provides a vital set of valuable tools and services which help you meet all of these needs and more. Full PayPal and Google Wallet integration, market placement, automated file delivery and access to marketing systems designed to help you get the attention of your target audience are combined under one digital roof. You can use free blog sites or even social media profiles, so there’s no need for an expensive, high-maintenance website built by a high-priced professional. If you dream of selling crafts and turning your creative talents into marketable skills, start exploring your options today.

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