Selling Crafts and Instructions for Children

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You’re a talented crafter with the drive and tools to earn money online, but how do you get started? While there’s a wide assortment of options for online sales focused on digital products, it’s important to carve your own specialty niche. For crafting enthusiasts, selling crafts to a specific target demographic can be the key to establishing a customer base. If selling crafts, patterns and instructions is your goal, it’s always a smart move to have an audience in mind. Whether you’re a relative beginner or a highly advanced expert, selling crafts and instructions for kids can be a lucrative business plan.

Why Selling Crafts for Kids is a Smart Move

When it comes to target audiences, children are almost always a lucrative option. Parents are eager to help their children expand skill sets, learn new things and find productive hobbies. Homeschooling parents, or those just looking for a way to keep little ones entertained during school breaks are willing to spend money on their kids, especially if the product serves an educational purpose. As a crafter, you have the skills and expertise to help your little customers have fun while learning new skills. From knitting patterns to instructional videos, you’re uniquely positioned to capitalize on a burgeoning market. All you need is a set of digital products, along with the right tools and services.

Selling Crafts: Getting Started in Online Sales

No matter what kind of digital product you’re selling, you’ll need certain tools, services and capabilities to keep your new business running smoothly. First and foremost, you’ll need a reliable, secure way to process transactions. Potential customers are far more likely to become buyers when they’re comfortable with how their sensitive financial information is handled. This is where trusted systems like PayPal and Google Wallet become important. At the same time, it’s difficult to make sales with even the most trustworthy payment processing systems if your business model isn’t optimized for quick, convenient use. Today’s online customer expects instant download delivery, so you’ll need a system which includes automated file distribution. As a seller, you’ll also want access to secure file hosting in order to minimize piracy. You can always spend time and money building a system with several different dedicated tools and services to fill these needs, but this isn’t efficient and can quickly become expensive. Instead, look for ways to streamline your new business from the start.

Reliable eCommerce platforms like take most of the legwork out of online sales. You’ll be able to access secure file hosting, convenient transaction management and valuable marketing tools to expand your reach. Your customers will be able to pay for their new kiddie craft supplies safely, and take ownership of those digital files instantly. Start selling crafts, patterns and instructional videos to boost kids’ creativity today. Not only will you be able to embark upon the rewarding business venture of enriching kids’ lives; you’ll also be able to earn money while starting a new career.

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