Selling Crafts and Digital Supplies

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How much money do you spend on your crafting hobby? If you’re like most crafters, it’s a considerable sum. What if there were a way to start earning money by doing what you love, rather than spending money to support your favorite pastime? When you start selling crafts, digital patterns and related products online, you’re able to do just that by tapping into a global market of like-minded crafters. Find out how you can get started, and with some luck, you could be earning money in a matter of hours.

The Key to Selling Crafts Successfully: Customer Service

When you think of online sales, customer service may not be the first thing that comes to mind. After all, you’ll almost certainly never interact with your customers face-to-face. This doesn’t mean you have any less of a responsibility to provide great customer service to your buyers; only that you must go about it in a different way than brick and mortar retailers.

Online buyers want to pay for their products through payment processing services they recognize and trust, like Google Wallet or PayPal. Few are comfortable handing over their credit or debit card number to a stranger online, so working with a reputable processing service is a must. While these services are vital, they’re only part of the picture. You’ll also need to make sure your content delivery system is automated, allowing access to purchased files immediately. Because your products are valuable, you’ll need secure file hosting. Since selling crafts and products to customers who aren’t aware you exist is a very real challenge, you’ll also need a marketing plan in place.

This is where a dedicated eCommerce platform like truly shines. By combining payment processing through known providers, secure file hosting, automated download delivery and affiliate network access, these services cover all the proverbial bases. If you can cut and paste an HTML link, you can also turn a free blog site, a social media account or an inexpensive template site into a sales portal.

Selling Crafts in a Digital Market

You don’t have to work in digital media to create valuable products. Selling crafts online means more than just offering up a digital scrapbook template or a complex software program. You can create how-to eBooks, instructional videos, knitting patterns or just about anything else you can imagine. The sky really is the limit, and when you run your own web store, you’re always in control.

Start building your web presence and polishing your business plan today. When your products are perfected for release, you’re on your way to selling crafts, patterns or information products. Start earning money today by putting your passions to work for you!

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