Selling Books Online

Selling Books Online

If you are a writer, you can make a nice income selling books online. In today’s technical world, you no longer need to worry about publishing costs and getting someone to print your books. Many people use tablets, Kindles and other electronic devices. All you need is to put your books into digital form and get them onto the Internet for sale. Once that is done, your books can be set up for sale in a matter of hours.
What to Write
If you have already written a book or short stories, get started right away selling books online. Convert them into a digital downloadable form such as a PDF file. Here are a few ideas on types of books to sell online to get you started:

  • FictionIf you have an itch to be creative in your writing, short or long fiction books can be top sellers online. You can write anything from romance to children’s stories. No editor will tell you what you can and cannot write. It’s all up to you!
  • InstructionalWrite about any useful information you have that others may need. “How to” books provide a natural way to get started in writing because they are about activities you already know how to do. Think about what you know, anything from decorating to auto repair, and it can be a good seller. The books can be short or long.
  • NonfictionNonfiction books may not be for everyone because they typically require more research to write and to ensure your facts are accurate. However, giving your insight on the First World War or exploring the notion of string theory may be right up your alley.


Selling Books Online

Market your book online. Create a website where you can show your book. Many writers create their own site for their books and sell them on other sites, too. The more places you have your book, the more likely you are to connect it with people interested in buying and reading it.

Get some type of system set up to deliver your digital files safely to customers and to receive payment from them. If you are not tech savvy, it’s easier and safer to use a digital download service that can handle all the technical work for you. These services store your files, collect payment and deliver it for you to customers. Services like PayLoadz also have a store on their site where you can sell your books as well.

Selling books online is a fun way to earn extra money in your free time. All it takes is a little imagination, time and a computer with Internet access!

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