Sell Your Own Books; Publish Independently Online

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You’re an aspiring author with your finger on the pulse of publishing trends. You know the eBook market is exploding. Do you know how to get in on the action for yourself, though? Choosing the traditional publishing route will certainly ensure your work is available digitally, but you’ll sacrifice a great deal of control over your work and the lion’s share of the profits. How, then, do you earn the money you deserve after investing blood, sweat and tears into your books? Publish them independently as a self-published author, and stay in the driver’s seat of your writing career.

How to Format Books, Publish Digitally and Sell Them Online

If the prospect of retaining more of your profits, the full publishing rights over your work and complete creative control is tempting, you’re not alone. In fact, record numbers of first-time authors are choosing to forgo major publishing houses and expensive literary agents in favor of a more hands-on approach. The key to success is understanding the digital market, reader expectations and the best ways of managing your own web store.

It’s relatively easy to gt your eBooks into the major marketplaces, including the Amazon Kindle Store. What you may not realize is just how vital it is to carefully examine any publishing agreements. Many of the plans which seem to be the most lucrative at first blush may actually cost you money in the long run. There are a number of exclusivity-based arrangements which require you to only use one method of selling your books. Publish exclusively through these marketplaces, and you’re immediately missing out on potential revenue from buyers who own other devices. The best and most effective option is to choose a number of non-exclusive arrangements in addition to running your own web store. Don’t offer a single file format; offer a number of options so your readers can choose the file type supported by their eReader device. When you have finished, carefully edited and formatted copies of your eBook ready for the market, it’s time to set up your own corner of the web.

Establishing a Web Store 

You don’t need an expensive website, a team of employees or even a wealth of sales knowledge to generate significant revenue from the sale of your books. Publish your work in a variety of formats, then choose the right tools for the job when it comes to sales.

Dedicated eCommerce platforms like are designed to offer merchants the best and most efficient means of selling digital products. Full PayPal and Google Wallet integration mean you never have to manually process a payment. Automated content delivery ensures your customers have instant access to the files they’ve purchased, so your brand reputation is never marred by poor customer service reviews. You’ll even have access to marketing tools created to help you reach readers around the world. Get started today, and take control of your writing career!

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