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Whether it’s advice for finding a traditional publisher or helpful hints about the self-publishing business, it can often seem that fiction authors are more frequently offered assistance on the Internet. Though fiction, especially genre fiction, is still exploding in popularity as ebook downloads due to the prevalence of tablets, dedicated ereader devices and smartphones, there’s a healthy market for non-fiction manuscripts. If you’re a non-fiction author researching the best methods of monetizing your effort, you may want to consider the many benefits of selling ebooks.

Tips and Tricks: Making Your Ebook Download Stand Out from the Crowd

As with any other product in any other industry, it’s important for self-published authors of non-fiction ebook downloads to look for ways of standing out from the crowd. The relatively low barrier to entry for self-publishing means it’s easier than ever for you to make your books available for purchase, but this same ease of market entry can also create a hotbed of competition. Finding ways to set yourself and your products apart from those offered by other authors is crucial.

Whether they’re how-to instructional guides or historical reference texts, there’s one thing all non-fiction has in common: they’re designed to impart knowledge. This offers new self-published authors an opportunity to give their products a high profile from the moment they reach the market, if they’re prepared to put a bit of work into selling ebooks. Hyperlinked footnotes, indexes and tables of contents are relatively simple to format with a bit of practice and research, and they can make all the difference in terms of functionality and searchability for your customers. In addition to thoughtful formatting designed to complement your unique product, it’s also important to consider the number of popular ereader devices on the market, and their native file formats. Offering your ebook download in several different file formats makes them more accessible to a wide range of potential customers, especially if your product includes custom text formatting and placement which can be negatively affected by automated end-user ebook conversion software.

Where to Sell Ebooks for Maximum Impact

Your goal may be to make a great profit, or to reach the most people with your message; either way, it’s crucial to sell ebooks in the right markets to increase your reach.

It can be very tempting, especially for first-time authors, to seek out exclusive partnerships with proprietary device markets like the Amazon Kindle Store, which specialize in ebook download sales. What many authors don’t realize when agreeing to these contracts is that, in exchange for outsourced payment processing and content delivery, they’re giving up the opportunity to reach any customer who owns a differently branded ereader device. This can be especially limiting for authors of non-fiction ebooks, which tend to have a niche audience in the first place.

To reach the widest possible audience and optimize your earning potential, it’s almost always best to work with an ecommerce platform like, which offers most of the benefits associated with proprietary market contracts with none of the exclusivity restrictions. A quality ecommerce service platform grants you access to secure payment processing, safe content hosting and automated product delivery every time you sell ebooks. You can also build your audience by taking advantage of built-in tools, like access to affiliate marketing networks.

Before making your mark in the self-publishing world, take time to weigh the benefits of controlling your own web store through an ecommerce platform.

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