Sell Your e-Book Download Yourself

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Every e-Book download has the potential to make you money. How much money you make, however, depends on your marketing strategy. While most new authors will opt to sell their e-Book download via an eCommerce platform, that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to find success. When you go it alone, you are potentially creating a unique brand that is instantly recognizable. So long as you have a solid strategy for getting your e-Book download to your niche market, you will see a return for your efforts. Even when you do take the more personal approach to selling your e-Book, you can still employ the help of eCommerce sites for the sale and distribution of your product.

Creating your own Website

The obvious avenue to take, when selling your e-Book download yourself, is to create your own website. This is where you need to be careful, however, as you do not want to limit yourself by creating a site that is specific to one product. If you intend on creating e-Book downloads that cater to a particular market, you should design and name your website accordingly. Build up a list of keywords that describe your products, both individually and as a collective. If you want to sell a range of other products as well as e-Books, make your website flexible and give it a name that is more of a general brand identification. If you have the tech skills, you can create your own online store to handle sales and downloads. Alternatively, you can use a site like to handle that side of the business and free you up for more important tasks.

Promoting your e-Book Download

When you decide to sell your e-Book download yourself, the options are different than selling via an established vendor. You should have a clear marketing strategy from the outset, which takes into account possible, future changes to your target market. Newsletters and blog articles, promoting your e-Book download, will bring traffic to your site and make people aware of how they can obtain a copy of the product. Forums, other websites in your niche, and social media websites are also great places to promote your e-Book download – without costing you a dollar. Considering that you can resell your e-Book as many times as you like, running competitions where you give the product away for free or at a reduced price can help get people talking about your offering.

Establishing your own Niche on the Web

This is a risky strategy but, if it pays off, it can set you on course towards becoming a very successful entrepreneur. From the inception of your e-Book to marketing and promotion, set yourself apart from all the other players on the market. A unique selling point is key to pulling this strategy off, so make sure that you thoroughly research your niche before declaring yourself the lone ranger. Remember, too, that your unique selling point will only last until others adapt it to suit their own product. That means that you will need to keep working to maintain your brand and keep the customers flooding in.

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