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If you are looking for a way to make extra cash, sell your downloads online. Many people are finding ways to make money selling digital downloads to people all over the world. It is inexpensive to get started; all you need is some ingenuity, a computer and access to the Internet.

How to Sell Downloads

Develop a game plan regarding what type of items you want to sell as downloads. Many kinds of download products could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars when sold repeatedly online. It depends on what you can produce or buy from someone else. Several products do well:

  • Photographs—Many businesses and designers look for new photos for web pages, printed materials, books and advertising. A funny picture of your cat might be sold hundreds of times to different buyers.
  • EBooks—If you have a talent for writing, create a novel, short story or educational material and sell it online. These books might sell for only a few dollars apiece, but if they sell repeatedly, they make a nice profit.
  • Videos—Budding videographers can get their start making short videos to sell online. Videos can be instructional, funny or inspirational. Let your creative instinct lead you to video fame.
  • MP3 or audio filesSell your downloads of music, training seminars, nature sounds or anything else you want to record, online. Be creative and find the sound that people are just itching to buy.

Once you have your product, get it out to the masses. When you are ready to sell your downloads, you need a website to feature your products. Create your own site—either a website, blog or social media page—or sell on a third-party site. You also need a way to accept payment and deliver the product quickly at all hours of the day and night. The best way to do this is to use a digital download service that takes care of all that for you, like


Now you have the basics you need to know to sell your downloads online. How fast you start making money is up to you!


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