Sell Your Craft Pattern as a Digital Download

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Making homemade crafts is becoming big business. People enjoy watching TV shows and reading magazines on how to make their own craft items, often scouring the internet to find patterns to make them at home. If you are great at crafts, you can turn them into a money-making business. Not only can you sell your crafts, you can sell your craft pattern as a digital download.

Are you proficient in knitting or making handmade ornaments? Maybe you design your own embroidery patterns. Regardless of what craft you make, you can sell how to make these items. Many people buy craft patterns or how-to eBooks online so they can make crafts on their own. It can be a family project or maybe just an intricate pattern for a beautiful crocheted blanket; whatever your craft idea, if you can save it as a digital download, you can sell it online.

So how do you save your craft pattern as a digital download? You don’t have to be tech savvy to start selling digital products. All you need to do is save you craft pattern or how-to instructions as a PDF file. Once you have your pattern or instructions saved in digital form, you can sell it as a digital download. You just need to upload it to a digital store and set up your eCommerce options, like payment processing and auto-delivery for your digital product. But don’t worry if it sounds too complicated – you can use a service like to take care of the technical aspect of selling your craft patterns online.

Use PayLoadz to Sell Your Digital Download

PayLoadz is an eCommerce service that makes it simple for anyone to sell digital downloads. They offer a turn-key way to begin selling digital products to earn money, even if you are not tech savvy. All you have to do is sign up for their service, which is very affordable with a low monthly fee. With your service you will get:

  • Placement of your digital download products in their digital store
  • Unlimited storage and product placement
  • Payment processing, including credit/debit cards. Paypal, eChecks, ACH and more
  • Secure digital delivery of your products to your customers
  • Affiliate marketing options
  • Unlimited use of their service in conjunction with your other web pages

Are you ready to start making some extra money selling your craft patterns as digital downloads? Get busy creating your digital download and sign up for PayLoadz today.

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