Sell Your Books in Your Own Web Store


After exploring all of your publishing and marketing options, have you decided the best choice is to sell your books in an independent web store? For the vast majority of authors, this is the case. What many don’t realize, though, is that getting started can be easier and less expensive than they think. You don’t have to invest a small fortune into expensive websites and complicated sales tools. With the right service providers, you can launch a lucrative and successful web store to sell your books with ease.

What You Need to Sell Your Books Yourself

The most important thing to keep in mind when settling on sales and marketing tools is that your customers’ buying experience will have a significant impact on future sales. Negative reviews and ratings can and will influence future buyers, so you should build your entire system around both your customers’ satisfaction and your own needs as a merchant.

For instance, you need payment processing you can trust. Manually processing credit cards is time consuming, and also leaves your buyers open to the potential of identity theft if your system is breached. The best choice, then, is a trusted and professional payment processing system like PayPal or Google Wallet. Because your customers expect instant access to files and it’s not feasible to monitor sales alerts around the clock, it’s also wise to sell your books using an eCommerce platform which automates order fulfillment. Systems like are the best and most effective choice, keeping your buyers happy and your business booming.

How an eCommerce Provider Helps You Sell Your Books

You already know how important it is to balance your needs against those of your customers, but you may not realize that an eCommerce system helps you to create the best possible experience for everyone. Streamlined businesses are easier to run, so you have more time to focus on promotion and marketing when your system is efficient. Automation covers all the bases for your buyers’ needs, from payment processing to order fulfillment and beyond. High-quality systems even give you access to affiliate marketing networks, which make it easy to boost the signal and bring in new buyers. Best of all, you can integrate a high-end system into a free blog site, an inexpensive template website you build yourself, or even a social networking profile. You’re able to sell your books with ease, building the career of your dreams without a traditional publishing deal or an expensive literary agent.

Make your goals a reality. Start selling your eBooks online, and watch your career take flight.

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