Sell Your Books in PDF Format for Greater Profit

Sell Your PDF

You already know the face of the publishing industry is rapidly changing with the rise in eBook popularity, but do you know how to capitalize on this sales revolution? As an author today, you have access to tools and services which can help you sell your books without the hassle of securing an agent or courting publishers. Thanks to the popularity of eReaders and smartphone apps dedicated to eBook support, you’re able to put your work into the hands of readers around the world with more ease than ever before. All you need is basic online sales knowledge, a strong product and an understanding of how to position your work in the marketplace.

Why You Should Sell Your Books as PDF Files

One of the most daunting aspects of self-publishing for many new authors is simply determining how to create a finished product ready for sale. With so many different devices and marketplaces out there, how do you settle on the right option? Some authors choose to create multiple file versions of a single eBook in hopes of catering to each subset of their customer base. This can be an effective option, but often requires placement in several different proprietary marketplaces, each of which comes with their own contractual requirements. For instance, selling through Amazon’s Kindle Store may mean forfeiting the right to offer your product through any other sales platform. This immediately precludes any customers using other devices or apps from purchasing your book. Choosing options which do allow for other sales portals means maintaining several separate accounts every day. The best option for many new authors is to choose a format which caters to the widest possible cross-section of the market. PDF files are supported by most eReader devices and smartphones. When your product is able to be used by more people, it can be purchased and appreciated by more buyers, increasing overall profit. It’s not a one-size-fits-all option, but it’s quite close.

Starting Your Online Publishing Adventure

After you’ve edited your manuscript and created a secure PDF, it’s time to sell your books. This means launching your web store, and starting your new adventure. Before you spend money on an expensive website built for eBook sales, it’s best to weigh all your options. In most cases, it’s far easier and more efficient to use free blog sites and social media profiles as sales portals, relying on a strong eCommerce service to manage the day-to-day running of your business.

When you choose a reliable eCommerce platform like, you’re able to outsource some of the more time-consuming and difficult aspects of online sales instantly. Strong service providers not only provide secure file hosting and automated content delivery to keep your customers satisfied, but also fully integrated payment processing options through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet. All you have to do is market your product and promote your brand to sell your books.

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